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​​Everyone can be a member and supporter of NDPC!

  • Members receive notification of NDPC news and updates via email, including occasional discounts and rewards.
  • The competition season begins November 1st and concludes on October 31st annually, and membership must be renewed each year to remain valid.
  • Pony/Riders can become members at any time during the competition season before Midnight EST on October 31st.  Scores for Year-End Awards will be retroactively counted back to the beginning of the season.  
  • Member Only Year-End Awards will be given to the High Point Open, AA, Junior (under 16) and YR (17-21).
  • Please Note: All scores  must be submitted by the competitor (as a scan, photo, or copy of the original test sheet) to the NDPC office by October 31st in order to be counted.
    • The NDPC will not be responsible for confirming changes in test scores once scores have been submitted by members. In order to change a score, members must submit a verification.
  • For members who compete in both Canadian and US shows, there is an option to extend your membership to the US for an additional fee of $10. This will ensure that both your Canadian show scores are entered in the Canadian Year-End Awards, and your US scores are entered in the US Year-End Awards.
  • Owners do not have to be members. Each rider must be registered for each pony for scores to be collected for Year-End Awards.
    • Ponies can be added to Rider Memberships for an additional $10 per pony. 
    • Riders cannot be added to Pony Memberships; each rider must be registered separately for their scores to be counted.
  • Supporting Memberships are available for those who would like to support and connect with the NDPC but do not currently ride or show a pony.

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