Partner Shows

We partner with USDF shows around the country to offer our Partner Show Program. These shows will offer at least one 'pony only' class, but possibly more, and an opportunity to receive your USEF Pony Measurement Card. All scores in 'pony only' classes at our Partner Shows will automatically be entered in our Year-End Awards Program, including Introductory, Freestyle, and FEI Pony Tests. You do not need to be a member to compete in Partner Shows. We will award a Champion Pony based on their percentage score plus a degree of difficulty based on the test ridden.

Become a Partner Show


The National Dressage Pony Cup was founded to give ponies an opportunity to compete against one another at a show designed to showcase the exceptional talent, training, and commitment of ponies along with their owners, breeders, trainers, and riders in the sport of dressage.  The NDPC Partner Show Program allows any USDF sanctioned show to be a part of NDPC, allowing more ponies a place to perform and shine in the dressage arena.

How It Works

• Sign-up to be a Partner Show online, or print the form and mail it to us.
• Based on the type of Partner Show you select (Full or Modified) we may send you a banner and ribbons. You may order any extra ribbons you need at any time.
• We require that you must offer at least one 'pony only' class, but you are welcome to add more or split the classes however you see fit. You may also offer a Pony division.

• Ponies must have a USEF measurement card. You must be able offer pony measurements at your show for ponies without a card.
• We will post your show on our show schedule, as seen above, and send you an informational document to put in your prize list.
• We will find your results online, record the scores, and award an overall Champion pony using our degree of difficulty scale based on the test ridden.
• We will send the Champion pony a Partner Show Champion ribbon and customized certificate.
• All scores pony classes will automatically be entered in our Year-End Awards!

Become a Series

NDPC offers Partner Shows the opportunity to create their own Series Championship from three or more Partner Shows!

When a Series is offered, competitors must attend a minimum number of shows in the series to be eligible for awards.  The Series Champion ribbons and certificates will be sent by the NDPC office after the completion of the last show in the series.

Series Champion and Series Reserve Champion awards will be presented to the top two qualifying riders with the highest average scores, with potential for separate Open, AA, YR, and Jr  Champions and Reserve Champions if enough riders are eligible. To determine the results, the weighted scores from each show will be averaged.

To sign up your shows as a Series, simply purchase the "Partner Show Series" along with your shows when signing up online, or mark the area on the physical form. After registration we will send you a prize list document that lists the shows in the series, their dates, and information on how many shows competitors must attend to be eligible. A PDF version of this document will also be available on ourPartner Show Seriespage for easy reference.

Add-On Fees For Additional Ribbons​

Set of Ribbons 1st-6th Place
$36 per set
Individual Ribbon 1st-6th Place
$6 per ribbon
High Point Ribbon
$12 per ribbon
Reserve High Point Ribbon
$12 per ribbon